Diversified Coatings Since 1980

Who are we?

Diversified Coatings is a company that supplies refinishers in the bathtub and tile refinishing industry. During this time, we have gained the loyalty of over a thousand contractors worldwide, while at the same time maintaining a local refinishing business to test and evaluate new products and remain "hands on".

Our product line is extensive because of our customers' needs. Refinishers can choose between different prep and primer systems a well as a wide range of topcoats for bathtubs, ceramic tile, cabinets, and countertops that equal if not out-perform any system available in the market today 

Preps and Primers

Tub & Tile Prep and Adheron

This non-etching cleaner prep along with our famous wipe on primer was developed over 25 years ago. Adheron, which does not require an etched surface, has been been often imitated but never duplicated. These two products together cannot be equaled for ease of use and their performance. Adheron is a saturated towel in a foil bag with enough material to do a bathtub or 50 square feet of tile. 

With Tub & Tile Prep there is no need to use dangerous acids to etch when using Adheron.

Tremendous adhesion without having to etch.

We also carry an excellent liquid etch that is needed to prepare a ceramic substrate prior to spraying on a primer

Top Coats

Diversified Coatings offers a wide range of coatings for the professional refinisher to choose from. All of our coatings systems have been in the field for decades with results that have made us the leader in the bathtub refinishing industry.  



Isofree is the finest of all the isocyanate-free acrylic epoxy systems available today with performance that equals many of the isocyanate cured systems available. Tubs finished with Isofree dry dust free in 10-20 minutes and can be put back into service after 16 hours.



Over the last 40 years or so, Durability Plus has been the most widely used acrylic urethane bathtub refinishing technology in the industry. Re-use time is 48 hours. With the addittion of Durability Accelerator, fixture re-use time is decreased to about 12 hours.




The newest generation of resin systems has become our most popular topcoat since we introduced it bout 15 yeas ago. This polyurethane coating has increased chemical and stain resistance, better coverage and abrasion resistance, much better gloss with a beautiful wet look, lower VOV's, and overnight usage times. With the use of Durability Accelerator, usage time can be decreased to 4-6 hours. 




This 1:1 mixed isocyanate free polyester urethane technology was originally developed for The Space Program. It is a tough, durable, high gloss coating that can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees.



Surface Prep and Primers

Topcoats in High Gloss or Satin Finishes



Adhesive Bathmats


Masking Tape and Paper

Chip Filler

Spray Equipment

Ventilation Equipment

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